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Stockroom Catering in Pyrmont


If you need catering in Pyrmont, then look no further than the Stockroom Cafe. We’ve got all your catering needs covered with our Catering Menu. You can also contact Stockroom Cafe and we’ll customise a menu to suit your needs.

Breakfast bites – $3 each for up to 10 people.
– Mini Fruit skewers with honey and poppy seeded yoghurt
– Assorted mini Danish
– Assorted mini muffins
– Mini Croissant
For 10* = $30
For 20* = $55
Then $2.50 per item per person over 20 pax.
Breakfast – $4.50 each for up to 10 people.
– Choice of toast with butter and condiments
– Plain Croissant
– Fruit Danish
– Blueberry/Ricotta muffin
– Orange and poppy seed muffin
– Pain au Chocolat
– Sticky banana bread with date butter
– Coconut and raspberry bread
– Homemade Granola with raspberry and orange yoghurt
For 10* = $45
For 20* = $80
Then $3.50 per item per person over 20 pax.
Breakfast Sliders – $5 each for up to 10 people.
– Eggs Benedict (Ham)
– Eggs Florentine (Spinach)
– Eggs Montreal (Smoked Salmon)
For 10* = $50
For 20* = $90
Then $4 per item per person for over 20 pax
Fruit Platters – $35 for 10 people minimum.
– Gourmet mixed fruit salad, mint and passionfruit
Mixed sliced fruits
Breakfast Substantials – $7.50 each for up to 10 people.
– Ham, cheese and tomato croissant/toasted sandwich
– Bacon and eggs roll on brioche with chilli relish and maple butter
– Scrambled egg and grilled chorizo wrap, basil pesto
– Smoked Salmon and avocado roll, Sri Racha aioli
– Tomato, spinach and feta toasty
– Roasted mushroom, scrambled egg and spinach baguette
For 10* = $75
For 20* = $130
Then $5.50 per item per person for over 20 pax.
Lunch, Sandwiches and Wraps – $9.50 each for up to 10 people.
– Herb Crumbed Schnitzel, tomato, spinach and herb aioli
– Chicken BLAT, wild rocket and Sri Racha mayo
– Falafel wrap with spinach, Swiss cheese and beetroot hummus
– Fennel seed salami, capsicum, confit garlic aioli and truffle oil Panini
– Smoked salmon, kale, avocado and corn salsa wrap
– Double smoked ham, smashed pea and feta s/wich
– Pulled chicken and house slaw baguette
– Egg Mayonnaise, cucumber and watercress sandwich
– Roasted pumpkin, feta and spinach sandwich
For 10* = $95
For 20* = $170
Then $7.50 per item per person for over 20 pax.
Bruschetta’s – $5.50 each for up to 10 people.
– Smashed truffle pea, prosciutto and basil with soft boiled egg
– Muddled Avocado and cherry tomatoes, beetroot hummus, lemon and basil oil
– Roasted mushroom and whipped ricotta, fresh herbs
Frittata/Quiche – $5 each for up to 10 people.
– Bacon, cheddar and soft herbs
– Roasted pumpkin, feta and caramelized onion
– Smoked Salmon, kipfler and zucchini
Burgers and sliders – $12 each for burgers and $8.50 for sliders each for up to 10 people
– Pulled beef brisket, BBQ sauce and chipotle corn slaw
– Homemade Wagyu beef with sweet dill pickles, aged cheddar,
– Tomato, roquette and special Coney Island sauce
– Roasted field mushroom with grilled zucchini, tomato jam and Sri Racha mayo
– Moroccan grilled chicken, sundried tomato, rocket and roasted capsicum
– 12hr pulled Berkshire pork shoulder, homemade Kim-Chi and coriander slaw
For 10* = $80
For 20* = $150
Then $7 per item per person over 20pax.
For 10* = $12
For 20* = $210
Then $10 per item per person over 20pax.
Or $15 per person for a burger and chip combination pack with ketchup.
Afternoon Tea – $5 each for up to 10 people.
– Velvet carrot cake
– Chocolate and walnut brownie
– Classic custard tart
– Flourless orange and coconut
– Hazelnut and berry friande
– Lemon Meringue with dehydrated raspberry
– Salted Caramel and chocolate tart
For 10* = $50
For 20* = $90

Stockroom Catering in Pyrmont


Small Bites – $3/ Piece
– Roasted pumpkin, feta and herb aranchini with truffle aioli
– Whipped goats cheese tartlet, smoked tomato
– Crushed pea and basil crostini, prosciutto and soft boiled egg
– Ham hock, pecorino and herb croquette sauce Gribiche
– Vegetarian spring roll, ginger dipping sauce
– Assorted mini quiche
Medium Bites – $4.5 Piece
– Truffle pea custard tartlet
– Beetroot cured Ocean Trout, whipped ricotta on a herb blini
– Smoked duck crostini, roasted tomato puree, pickled apple remoulade
– Figs wrapped in prosciutto with truffle honey
– Mini Dutch cream hash with poached spanner crab
– Herbed chicken aranchini, sri-racha mayonnaise
– Argentinian chicken drumettes, chimichurri
– Sesame seared ruby tuna, wasabi and radish and pickled cucumber
– Zucchini and corn fritter with coriander Baja and tomatillo
– Peppered Veal fillet, tuna rillettes and crispy capers
Posh Bites – $6.50/ Piece
– Crispy master-stock pork belly, caramelized ginger-apple puree, coriander salad
– Caramelized scallop, cauliflower cream, chorizo crumb, grapes and basil oil
– Charred Lamb cutlets with chimichurri, pea-mint salad
– Mini Lobster roll, wasabi mayonnaise, fresh cucumber and watercress
Substantial – $7.50/ Piece
– Pulled pork slider with homemade Kim-Chi, chili mayo and coriander slaw
– Mini Stockroom burger, beetroot relish and aged cheddar
– Herbed chicken slider with charred corn slaw
– Mini fish and chips with tartare and lemon